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Slowing down

This morning I opened the windows the sky was pink, peach, light blue, and milky yellow.

Clouds where almost like veils, light, and see-through. Birds were singing.

I am in the middle of the city.

I sat with coffee for a long time. Not with a book, my phone, or any other device and not meditating just being. Not trying to make a decision or think about tomorrow.

Staying with the birds, the coffee, and the experience.

Uninterrupted time.

Afterward, I feel that I have more energy again, to take in the news, ideas, or whatever.

Like a recharge without thinking about any kind of achievement, or benefit.

Experiencing just being and that\s enough.

Enough for me to want to do it again tomorrow and for as many days that I am alive.

When I go back I paint, with a clean mental palette.

That is the alchemy between slowing down and creating for me.

All my courses and books in creative meditation and mindfulness are about these moments of recharging your batteries and then create.

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