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If everything was simple, what I learned from reflection

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

This painting was painted while in an apartment on the 16th floor in Kuala Lumpur, during the spring of 2020. It felt far from simple. At this point I was guided by fear. What would happen to the world?

Well I am not going to go into a list of everything that I feared, we all have a long list. For the first time in my lifetime, and maybe for all of us we shared a fear that is truly global.

Is it not strange that while feeling really stuck at that point of time, I somehow found the idea to write a list about what would happen if everything was simple.

I wrote the list quickly and forgot about it. The same day I made this painting in my daily art meditation.

It has the feeling that life was simple.

The other day back in Sweden I was sorting out art meditations and this list fell on the floor.

It had probably been one of the most significant pieces of writing that I had ever done for my own personal journey, and I had not recollection that I had written it.

Reading the points on my paper I noticed that I was far along on creating simplicity.

Far along on understanding what my core values actually where when facing my fear.

Still I have points left on the list, and I am not sure if I ever want to do them all.

But today I know much more about what really makes me happy, and it in many ways was so much simpler than I thought and in other ways much more difficult.

I know that most of us feel far more complexity and uncertainty right now maybe that is why we can gain from trying the exercise: if everything was simple right now...

This simple shift in perspective might give you a clue on what really matters to you.

For me I need this in my life. Time and opportunity to walk in nature with fresh air. That is a luxury and a necessity for me.

If you would like to learn how to do this process of mindfulness, creativity and reflection the online course

in art meditation is open and you will learn one and do the exercises offline. You can alos buy the book Create to Relax which is has many exercises I nature and a recipe on how to paint with coffee.

Kursen finns även på svenska som konstmeditation.

I would love to hear from you. What is on your list? The simple things that helps you in these times. Take Care

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